Wind Energy Conference 2023
August 30th 2023
Bern, Switzerland

At this year's national wind energy conference in the beautiful Bern City Hall in Switzerland, we had the privilege to present our augmented reality app WisardGo Wind to a wide audience of experts and get them excited about innovative visualization technologies.

It was inspiring to exchange ideas with experts and like-minded people, to talk about planned wind farms and to actively shape the future of the wind energy industry.
We are very happy about the great interest in our visualization solution and thank the whole team of Suisse Éole for the exciting and educational day, the excellent organization and the personal invitation to this great event.

Release WisardGo Wind AR App
August 15th 2023
Brugg, Switzerland

The future of wind energy planning - the new version of the WisardGo Wind AR App is here!

With our latest release, we not only offer the possibility to visualize wind farm projects anywhere and anytime in augmented reality, but also proudly present our new account management system. With it, we enable the seamless organization of entire teams for efficient, collaborative work.
WisardGo Wind is the uncomplicated, flexible and interactive solution for planning wind farm projects regardless of location and visualizing them in real time. Our app provides the best possible support for the planning, review and participation processes in all project phases.
On our app homepage you can find more information about the numerous features of WisardGo Wind.

Member of Swiss Marketing Automation
July 06th 2023
Brugg, Switzerland

Recently, our managing director and project manager Rajan Wegmann joined the Swiss Marketing Automation network on behalf of Echtzeit GmbH.

We are looking forward to complement Swiss Marketing Automation perfectly with our expertise in interactive media and real-time visualization and to implement exciting and forward-looking projects together.

Lecture & Workshop at Citelligent
May 25th 2023
Lenzburg, Switzerland

"Citelligent - Solutions for the City of Tomorrow" is a series of informative conferences at Schloss Lenzburg, which offer cities and municipalities concrete support in the conception and implementation of smart city projects.

We are pleased to have participated for the second time and to have introduced the topic of interactive real-time visualization to interested participants with our contribution on Extended Reality (XR) technologies.
In the course of an extensive workshop in the afternoon, the participants had the opportunity to try out different virtual and augmented reality solutions.

WisardGo UI development
August 16th 2022
Oberrohrdorf, Switzerland

The WisardGo Augmented Reality App in a new look

Our Mobile AR App uses augmented reality to enable the true-to-life visualisation of planned construction projects directly on site, thus helping to significantly improve planning and participation processes.
We have once again successfully incorporated the valuable experience gained from numerous projects in close cooperation with planning companies such as BayWa r.e. Global, authorities and the population into our development.
We are very enthusiastic about the new user interface and many new, supporting functions.

Unreal Engine 5 Study
August 8th 2022
Hamburg, Germany

Real-time visualisation study in the new Unreal Engine 5

Our real-time visualisations offer our partners and projects many advantages over classic visualisation. Images and videos can be rendered within seconds instead of hours or even days and can be adjusted again at any time.
This saves time and also brings the necessary flexibility to fast-moving projects.
The latest technologies such as Nanite (virtualised geometry system) and Lumen (global illumination and reflection system) help us to realise highly complex 3D worlds even more efficiently and realistically and to bring them to life.
As certified trainers for the Unreal Engine, we work closely with Epic Games to continue to provide our partners with interactive real-time visualisations at the cutting edge of development.

June 20th 2022
Lenzburg, Switzerland

Thinking about the topic of ENERGY is particularly worthwhile at the moment!

The Stapferhaus in Lenzburg focuses on the big questions of the present - with "OWER AARGAU", a project is now being launched entirely under the banner of the energy canton of Aargau.
Over the past few weeks, students from a total of nine Aargau cantonal school classes conducted exciting interviews with over 60 protagonists from all over the canton who are connected to the topic of energy in a special way and who help shape it in one way or another.
In a short time, almost 65 energy stories were created, which can be discovered throughout the canton as an outdoor exhibition, but also #online.
Including a short one about Echtzeit GmbH, the development of our Augmented Reality App as well as the chance to better mediate between different parties with real-time visualisations.
Many thanks to our three interviewers from the Kantonsschule Baden Kati Kountra, Milena Fellmann and Mischel Babolpour for their refreshing collaboration!

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Eberbach votes yes to wind farm
June 2nd 2022
Eberbach, Germany

Mobile real-time visualisation directly on site - with WisardGo we were able to optimally accompany the project in the planning phase.

VRecently, the citizens of Eberbach (Rhein-Neckar district in Germany) voted in a referendum with a clear majority of 61.4 percent in favour of the construction of a wind farm with a total of five wind turbines.
The planned wind farm will later supply up to 25,000 people with electricity.
We are very pleased about the success of BayWa r.e. Global and are proud to be able to support our partners sustainably with interactive visualisation solutions and thus also contribute to the promotion of renewable energies and climate protection.

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Interactive Echtzeit Archvis Demo
May 10th 2022
Hamburg, Germany

To demonstrate the possibilities of real-time rendering, Echtzeit has created an interactive architectural visualisation demo.

You can watch the trailer here or download the interactive demo.
(1.47 GB zip; Windows 10, NVIDIA GeForce 3000-Series required)

WisardGo for Infrastructure Projects
February 16th 2022
Aargau, Switzerland

In close cooperation with renowned companies, 11 major projects in the fields of wind energy, infrastructure and architecture in Germany, France and Switzerland have been interactively visualised on site by Echtzeit in recent months.

The mobile augmented reality app WisardGo enables the geo-referenced placement of 3D objects in the real world, in exact position, orientation and size.
With WisardGo, construction projects can be viewed decentrally and independently of location before construction begins. This sustainably enables supporting planning companies, authorities and the affected population both in project development and success-relevant participation processes.

Motivated by the enthusiastic feedback from end users from the population, municipalities and authorities as well as from our partners, we are looking forward to many more exciting projects and challenges this year!

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Unreal Authorized Training Center
August 16th 2021
Cary, USA

Echtzeit is pleased to announce the expansion of its portfolio to include professional training. Authorized by our partner Epic Inc. we now offer specific professional courses for the Unreal Engine technology.

The Unreal Engine offers state of the art solutions in the areas of interactive software, digital film production, product and architectural visualisation as well as virtual and augmented reality.

Our two Unreal Authorized Instructors Thomas Ott and Patrick Moechel have many years of extensive experience in training in the field of interactive media.

You can find more information at:

ZHAW Input lecture on the topic AR/VR
March 29th 2021
Winterthur, Switzerland

As part of an in-depth course on AR/VR technologies, Rajan Wegmann from Echtzeit GmbH was able to give the ZHAW students (Master in Business Administration – Major Innovation and Entrepreneurship) a practical insight into the market-needs-oriented development and implementation of real-time visualisation solutions in industry.

In addition to relevant strategic and organisational principles as well as the enormous potential and the versatile possibilities of these technologies, the students were also able to reflect on and sustainably convey the decisive challenges that the successful implementation of such projects entails.

We would like to thank the ZHAW Winterthur for the great opportunity to contribute to the course, to introduce interested students to this fascinating topic and to inspire them with our passion!

Unreal Authorized Instructors
March 10th 2021
Cary, USA

The Unreal Engine from Epic Inc. is regarded worldwide as the technology leader in the areas of interactive software, digital film production, product and architectural visualization as well as virtual and augmented reality.

Echtzeit GmbH also develops future-oriented software solutions based on this core technology.
Thomas Ott and Patrick Moechel from Echtzeit GmbH have extensive experience in interactive media training and have applied for the Unreal Authorized Instructor program.
Both have successfully completed an extensive evaluation programme and are now part of the global network of specialist teaching staff for Unreal Engine technology.

We thank Epic Inc. for their support!

Pro Helvetia Mentorship Program 2021
January 7th 2021
Zurich, Switzerland

We did it again - and are proud to announce that we have been selected for the SwissGames Showcase Mentorship Program 2021.

Based on our work on our title Whoop Arcade, we were selected for the mentoring program and look forward to collaboration with Jason Della Rocca.

We would like to thank SwissGames, Jason Della Rocca and everyone involved for the trust they have placed in us!

Linear Infrastructure with AR
September 9th 2020
Zurich, Switzerland

Originally a spin-off from ETH Zurich, Gilytics AG provides technologies for the complex planning of transport and energy infrastructures to increase public participation and social acceptance between authorities and local communities involved in a project.

As part of a joint pilot project at the ETH Zurich at Hnggerberg, Echtzeit GmbH developed an Augmented Reality App which enables users to visualize planned linear infrastructure via mobile devices.

With the vision of supporting future national and international infrastructure projects with our visualization technologies, we are looking forward to further cooperation!

Focus Topic Digital Innovations
August 3rd 2020
Aargau, Switzerland

In 2020, the Aargau location promotion programme will get to the bottom of digital innovations and focus on topics that shape the canton.

As an up-and-coming regional company, Echtzeit GmbH was invited to a multifaceted interview (German language) about real-time visualization, process optimization and much more.

In addition to the exciting challenges of augmented and virtual reality technologies, Echtzeit GmbH also provided insights into the forward-looking project «AR-Wind».

We are very happy about the great interest in our work and thank you for this great experience!

SwissGames 2020 Mentoring
June 10th 2020
Zurich, Switzerland

SwissGames, an initiative of the Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council, announced the nominations for the SwissGames Showcase 2020.

Due to a successful pitch for the upcoming title Whoop Arcade, Echtzeit was selected for an exclusive mentoring with Robin Hunicke (funomena).

In addition, the sponsorship programme includes comprehensive support for participation in various industry events such as Luicious, GDC, Gamescom, Game Connection Europe, VR Days and Nordic Game Conference.

We would like to thank SwissGames and everybody involved for the great opportunity and the confidence put in us!

Citelligent 2020 symposium
May 28th 2020
Lenzburg, Switzerland / Internet

The online symposium "Citelligent - Solutions for the City of Tomorrow" focused on the development of directly applicable solutions for problems currently faced by communities and cities.

Together with more than 30 experts from science and business, Echtzeit GmbH worked on generic and scalable solutions in the areas of mobility, payment systems, energy / environment and data for the city of Lenzburg.

Originally planned as a large intercantonal event in Lenzburg Castle, the event was successfully restructured into an online symposium at short notice due to the COVID-19 situation.

We are proud to support the technological progress of the region with our contribution and would like to thank Savisio AG for the great organisation as well as the Hightech Zentrum Aargau, the Zukunftsregion Argovia and SWL Energie AG for their valuable support.

Epic MegaGrants
March 10th 2020
Cary, USA

The US-based company Epic Games Inc., developer of the Unreal Engine technology and market leader in this segment, is running the so-called Epic MegaGrants program aiming to support 3D graphics development.

Based on one of their projects, Echtzeit GmbH was able to convince Epic Games in terms of quality and vision and therefore won a grant within the MegaGrant program.

The Magic Leap Headset provided by Epic Games, which enables interactive 3D content to be projected holographically into the user's field of vision, opens up further fascinating technological possibilities for our prototyping and product development.

We thank Epic Games Inc. for their support!

Swissbau Trade Fair
January 14th-18th 2020
Basel, Switzerland

The company Hager Zierbeschläge AG presents its new Augmented Reality App, developed by Echtzeit GmbH, at the leading trade fair of the building and real estate industry in Switzerland.
The app enables the user to project virtual versions of door fittings from the Hager Zierbeschläge AG product range onto any surface in the real environment. The photorealistic presentation creates a precise impression of the selected material compositions.
The Hager AR App is available free of charge in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.
We are pleased about the innovative and successful cooperation with Hager Zierbeschläge AG!

Veriset wins Digital Economy Award
November 25th 2019
Hallenstadion Zurich, Switzerland

600 guests from the digital sector, research, business and politics celebrated the digital highlights of the year at the Digital Economy Award Night in the Hallenstadion in Zurich in the presence of Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin.
We congratulate our partner Veriset AG for the "Digital Economy Award" in the category "Digital Transformation SMB".
Echtzeit GmbH is pleased to have actively and successfully supported Veriset AG in their digitalization processes in the area of digital sales with the VR project "Virtual Kitchen"!

PhD Course "Geodesign Technologies"
August 26th-30th 2019
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Within the scope of the one-week course offered by the Department of Geosciences at the University of Copenhagen, Echtzeit GmbH was pleased to be able to support teachers and students on site with its specialist knowledge.
The course provided students with an overview of emerging future technologies that meet the demands and challenges of landscape planning and design.
Theoretical and practical units showed new ways of design, communication and approval procedures. The focus was on the interaction of the real environment, analog and virtual models, as well as interaction, data acquisition and data exchange between them. For this purpose, Echtzeit GmbH together with the University of Copenhagen developed a novel application prototype, which enabled the participants to digitally convert their own physical planning models and displaying them augmented in the real environment. The engagement was rounded off by theoretical lectures on AR and VR technologies, whose history, practical application scenarios and insights into the development processes of Echtzeit GmbH.
We would like to thank the University of Copenhagen, the Senior Researcher Hans Skov-Petersen and Mariusz Hermansdorfer for the outstanding and collegial scientific cooperation!

8th Energy Fair
June 26th-27th 2019
Niederurnen, Switzerland

Around 80 renowned exhibitors presented their products and services at the 8th EXPO Energietechnik in Niederurnen, Switzerland's largest trade fair for energy technology.
With the AR-App developed by Echtzeit GmbH, the organizer IBG B. Graf AG Engineering exhibitors, partners and visitors alike.
We thank you for the informative EXPO, the interesting conversations and the great feedback on the AR app and look forward to its further development together with IBG B. Graf AG Engineering!

The First Swiss Wind Energy Forum
May 15th, 2019
HSR Rapperswil, Switzerland

By the name "Unleashing the full potential of Swiss R&D on the international wind energy market", the first "The First Swiss Wind Energy R&D Forum" took place in mid-May at the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (HSR).
More than 70 participants from institutions and companies such as ETH Zurich, ZHAW, EPFL, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, ABB, Siemens Schweiz AG, Innosuisse and many others took part with the aim of bringing together innovative companies from research and development in the field of wind energy.
Echtzeit GmbH was invited by the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (HSR) to present the Augmented Reality App "AR-Wind" developed in cooperation with the ZHAW Wädenswil to experts and to inform about the innovative visualization possibilities using AR technologies.
We were able to experience the forum as an informative and inspiring platform, thank the organizer for the invitation and continue to follow future developments in the field of wind energy with excitement!

Lecture at University of Applied Sciences
April 30st, 2019
Biel, Switzerland

At the end of April, Echtzeit GmbH was invited by the Department of Architecture, Wood and Construction of the Bern University of Applied Sciences to give a presentation on the industrial applications of AR and VR technologies.
Under the key question of what significant improvements can be achieved by integrating these technologies into business processes, Echtzeit GmbH was able to inspire and inspire university students as well as lecturers and business partners alike.
Many thanks for the invitation to Biel and the great interest of the University of Applied Sciences as well as the numerous participants!

Participation in the SME SWISS Forum
March 21st, 2019
Baden, Switzerland

By the theme "Challenges 2030 - Reality or Friction", this year's KMU SWISS Forum was all about digitisation; in keeping with this, Echtzeit GmbH also took part in the exciting and informative event.
In addition to many inspiring lectures by renowned speakers such as Dr. Fritz Zurbrügg (Vice-President of the Governing Board, Swiss National Bank), Mr. Andreas Münch (Member of the General Directorate, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund) or Mr. Philippe Rebord (Corps Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces), as well as interesting interviews with representatives from industry, sport and music, the moderation by Dr. Hugo Bici (communications expert and journalist) was also part of a great event.
With more than 350 participants, mostly from the senior management (GL / CEO / VR) of SMEs from the Basel-Winterthur-Lucerne economic triangle, Echtzeit GmbH was able to hold many personal discussions with speakers and participants, establish promising new contacts from industry and further expand the network.
We are already looking forward to the next events and would like to ten_projectsin Baumann (CEO KMU SWISS AG), his team and the generous sponsors for the great KMU SWISS Forum 2019 in the congress centre Trafo Baden!

Grant from the High-Tech Centre Aargau
December 13th, 2018
Aargau, Switzerland

In September 2018, Echtzeit GmbH submitted an application to the Hightech Zentrum Aargau to support the collaboration with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) within the feasibility study to be realized for the augmented reality app "AR-Wind". This has now been positively reviewed by the research commission, which is made up of qualified persons from industry, research and innovation promotion, and has been awarded a grant. Many thanks to our great research partner as well as the valuable support and trust of the Hightech Zentrum Aargau!

ergodata 40 Years Anniversary
November 22nd, 2018
Air Force Center Dübendorf, Switzerland

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of ergodata AG and in keeping with the theme of innovative and modern working environments, Echtzeit GmbH surprised with the presentation of the Augmented Reality App AR-Chair. In the nostalgic ambience of the Air Force Center in Dübendorf, the virtually placed chairs came into their own in a very special way, which fascinated both organizers and visitors alike. Many thanks for the great event and the courteous hospitality. Echtzeit GmbH wishes you all the best for the next 40 years!

VR Days Europe
October 24th-26th, 2018
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Joining Europe’s leading conference and exhibition on VR and AR, Echtzeit GmbH visited the VR Days Europe. An extensive range of keynotes, sessions, workshops and seminars with over 140 speakers from the fields of health, technology, business and art enabled Echtzeit GmbH to spend three informative days with interesting conversations, inspiring contacts and valuable insights.

Panel Talk at SAE Convention
October 11th, 2018
Cologne, Germany

For the SAE Convention, Echtzeit GmbH was invited by the SAE Alumni Association, the alumni network of the SAE Institute, to hold a panel talk on the topic "From study to your own start-up". The three founders of Echtzeit GmbH were keen to address best practices, dos and don'ts and personal backgrounds to help future entrepreneurs approach their plans in a goal-oriented manner and foster their enthusiasm. Many thanks to the numerous participants and the great moderation by Quinke Networks GmbH from Hamburg!

Lecture and Workshop
June 14th, 2018
ZHAW Wädenswil, Switzerland

Echtzeit GmbH was invited to Wädenswil by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) to give a presentation followed by a workshop on virtual and augmented reality. Numerous scientists from different research groups took part. In addition to teaching technological basics and demonstrating various use cases, all interested parties were able to try out and experience the virtual kitchen framework developed by Echtzeit GmbH for themselves. We would like to thank the research group for integrative ecology of the ZHAW Wädenswil for the invitation, as well as all those present for the lively exchange and the many inspiring conversations!


E-Cargovia AR-App

In the course of the Citelligent 2020 symposium, the E-Cargovia AR app was created on behalf of SWL Energie AG for demonstration purposes of AR technology.

Within the AR app, users can explore 2 possible locations of the E-Cargovia car sharing planned in Lenzburg as table-top models and freely place and experience the electric vehicle in real size.

Key-features of the E-Cargovia AR-App:

  • Table-Top Mini-Map and models
  • Photorealistic life-size vehicle model
  • Free placement of virtual objects in the real environment
  • Visual communication of information via E-Cargovia
  • Supports Android and iOS
  • Free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play

Download here       Download here      

Hager AR-App


The Hager AR App enables door fittings from the Hager Zierbeschläge AG product range to be projected as a virtual representation onto any surface using a tablet and smartphone.

The user has the possibility to select different door fittings and display them e.g. onto existing doors. The screen can be moved freely in the room while the selected position of the fittings does not change.
The photorealistic and interactive presentation of surfaces and materials gives customers a precise impression of the visual effect and eliminates the need to purchase sample fittings.
The Hager AR App was presented for the first time at the Holz 2019 fair in Basel and was made publicly available at the Swiss Bau fair 2020 in Basel.

Key-features of the Hager-AR app:

  • Photorealistic representation of the products
  • State-of-the-art PBR rendering for surfaces and lighting
  • Free placement of virtual objects in the real environment
  • Product range filterable by types and materials
  • Direct connection to the Hager Webstore
  • Free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play
  • Multiple language support
  • Supports Android and iOS

Download here       Download here      

AR-App - Research and Science Project Wind Farm “Linthebene Bilten”

In close cooperation with the research groups "Integrative Ecology" and "Renewable Energies" of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Echtzeit GmbH has developed the Augmented Reality App "AR-Wind" for iOS and Android mobile devices. The project implementation was supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (BFE) and the High-Tech Centre Aargau through a grant for innovative development projects between universities and business partners from the Research Fund Aargau.

The AR project was developed against the background of the energy revolution in order to provide citizens affected by development measures with a neutral basis for decisions on voting by visually representing the planned wind turbines in their real environment. By using GPS device data, the AR app enables an exact positioning of the virtually created wind turbines in the landscape according to exact size and orientation, depending on the user's position. In connection with the high accessibility by the population through the increasing use of AR-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets, a large part of the population can get a realistic and neutral picture of the actual situation.

Additional app functions such as manual speed adjustment of the rotors, fading in and out of individual wind turbines, an integrated compass and automatic distance measurement make the AR app an informative experience.

Key-features of the AR-Wind app:

  • Accurate basis for voters in building project related referendums
  • Neutral visual communication for poll
  • Use of innovative technology for improved information transfer
  • Broad accessibility through publication in app stores
  • Realistic visualization of virtual contents in the landscape in real size
  • Use of GPS and geodata for placement of virtual objects
  • High flexibility and applicability to various scenarios

AR-App - 40th anniversary ergodata AG

As a surprise for the 40th anniversary of ergodata AG, the producer of modern, flexible and ergonomic office furniture from Zurich Altstetten, Echtzeit GmbH has developed the App AR-Chair.

The app makes it possible to place virtually created furniture freely in the room, adjust its material and colour interactively according to the collection and thus test its appearance in a real environment. Detailed 3D models combined with high-quality textures make the app an almost photorealistic experience. As a small, funny special feature for congratulations, a birthday cake and gifts can also be placed using the gift button.

Key-features of the AR-Chair app:

  • Realistic visualization of virtual content in real environment
  • High decision reliability through visual communication
  • Broad potential for further development of the app for later integration into sales and development processes of a customer

IBG Future App

For the presentation at the 8th EXPO Energietechnik in Niederurnen in June 2019, Echtzeit GmbH developed the IBG Future App for IBG B. Graf AG Engineering.

Using the IBG Future App, a wide variety of products relevant to development and planning in energy technology can be placed in the augmented environment. This allows the user to visualize various planning scenarios directly on site in real time.

The very efficient and real-scale on-site placement of the products gives an impression of the actual situation and accelerates many planning and approval processes.

The IBG Future App will be further developed in a partnership between IBG B. Graf AG Engineering and Echtzeit GmbH.

Key-features of the AR-App:

  • Realistic representation of virtual content in real environment
  • Significant support for planning and development processes
  • Creation of renderings in real time; no tedious back and forth with classic 2D renderings
  • Free placement and transformation of models on site
  • Material adaptation of the 3D models according to the material catalogue
  • High decision reliability through visual communication
  • Presentation of additional data and information
  • Great potential for further development of the AR app

Table Top

The demo app "Table Top" illustrates the possibilities of using digital models in augmented reality.

In the app, topological models, such as from architecture or landscape design, can be viewed.

The digital model is displayed on the screen of a tablet-computer. Due to automated position determination, the user can freely move around the digital model. The virtual representation allows to seamless scale the model, so it is possible to zoom in our out at any time.

Further advantages of the digital representation result from the possibility of interactive visualization of further data, such as light and shadow conditions on any given time of the days, or current wind flow. "Table Top" serves as an example for a tool for efficient and clear planning of renewable energy projects.

Key-features of the Table-Top app::

  • Digital presentation of complex models - no physical production necessary
  • Free placement and size-scalability
  • Presentation of additional data and information
  • Multilayered data can be displayed statically or animated
  • Model components can be changed interactively in real-time


Exhibition Show Swissbau Basel 2018 - Virtual kitchen

On the occasion of SwissBau Basel in January 2018, Echtzeit GmbH realized a virtual walk-in kitchen for Veriset AG in Root, the largest kitchen manufacturer in Switzerland.

The digital exhibition kitchen accurately reproduces scale and proportions, is freely accessible and can be used and modified interactively. This enables the consumer to quickly and easily find out whether the arrangement of cabinets and drawers, the dimensions of the installation and the choice of built-in appliances meet his wishes and ideas. The surface materials and colours of the kitchen housing, front and cover can be adjusted and combined directly by the user in real time using the given collection in order to make the right decisions quickly, playfully and intuitively.

In the innovative Mixed Reality Setup, visitors to the fair were integrated into the digital world by means of a green-screen installation and the result displayed on a TV screen. This made the trade fair project an unforgettable experience not only for users, but also for consultants and spectators.

Echtzeit GmbH is very pleased with the extremely positive feedback from the trade fair visitors and thanks Veriset AG for their cordial cooperation!

Key-features of the Virtual Kitchen:

  • Photo-realistic visualization in real time
  • Increased customer interest through innovative technologies
  • Realistic feeling of space through virtual inspection
  • High decision reliability through visual communication
  • Strengthening customer loyalty through involvement in the planning process
  • Increased efficiency in sales and development processes
  • Demonstration of digital competence on the market
  • Entertainment and fascination of the fair visitors by stimulating experience
  • Possibility to virtualise advertising and sales areas


Virtual walk-through of the building development project "Sonnefeld Ruswil”

As part of a construction project in the municipality of Ruswil, in the centre of the canton of Lucerne, Echtzeit GmbH realised a virtual walk-through on behalf of Eberli Sarnen AG. The almost 29,000 m2 site comprises 9 apartment buildings, 15 single-family houses and an internal access road to the underground car park

For people interested in buying, various condominiums and the entire neighbourhood environment can be experienced in virtual reality. The virtual tour of the building project makes it possible to experience the potential dream apartment in photorealistic quality, to test it extensively and to empathize with the aesthetics of the project in order to make well-founded decisions before the undertaking is realised. To support the marketing process, colours and materials of various surfaces can be adapted and combined directly by the user in real time.

By precisely recreating the surrounding landscape and combining it with interactive lighting simulations, users can enjoy their quarters, condominiums and panoramic views in various lighting moods of morning or evening sun. The detailed vegetation and animated by-passers create a lively environment.

Echtzeit GmbH is responsible for planning, implementation and integration-advice of the entire VR project and is in close contact with the core team of Eberli Sarnen AG, the responsible planning architects and the landscape planners. The goal of the future-oriented cooperation between Eberli Sarnen AG and Echtzeit GmbH is the sustainable integration of VR technology in the development and marketing of real estate.

Key-features of the virtual walk-through “Sonnefeld Ruswil”:

  • Accurate presentation of the project for customers and investors
  • The exact virtual replica enables a realistic impression of space and environment
  • Complete presentation of the overall project including environment and housing units
  • Interaction with furnishings and the environment, e.g. doors, cabinets and lighting
  • Change materials in real time to facilitate selection processes
  • Sweeping demonstration and entertainment value for prospective buyers through stimulating experience
  • Increased efficiency in sales and development processes
  • Precise exchange of visual information between offerer and client lead to coherent expectations
  • Demonstration of digital competence on the market


Besides individual projects we offer standardized out-of-the-box solutions.

For this purpose we use our own developed framework and configure the required functionalities using of our pre-defined modules. This approach eliminates additional development costs, achieves timely production cycles and minimizes project-related risks.

For a demand-oriented implementation we fill the already existing framework with project-related 3D content. These can already exist and are converted by us, if necessary, AR or VR-suitable. The 3d data can also be created completely by us. All given formats being used as templates are conceivable, such as photos, illustrations, technical drawings or CAD data. This leads to another advantage: Development costs and product scope are completely scalable.

Advantages of our standardized out-of-the-box products:

  • Consistent budget planning
  • Timely production cycles
  • Limitless freedom regarding displayed content
  • Demand-oriented scalability of the production scope
  • Extended functionalities can be developed on-top if required



With our AR-Viewer Framework you can make your products experienceable everywhere and at any time. The user can access content easily and via a up-to-date smartphone or tablet.

Using Augmented Reality technology, almost photo-realistic virtual 3d objects are placed in the real environment. The user can then move freely around the displayed objects. The framework works for both indoor and outdoor applications. The placement can be done either freely in space by the user or via predefined GPS coordinates.

Planning tools for the construction industry or interactive product visualizations are only a small fraction of the numerous possibilities our framework offers.

Key-features of AR-Viewer:

  • Wide distribution through official App Stores and by the use of standard hardware
  • Complete project handling including upload to Apple and Google App Stores
  • High flexibility in placement and alignment of the 3D objects
  • Physically Based Rendering technology for photorealistic display
  • Numerous interaction possibilities with the 3D objects such as material change, color selection, and animation playback
  • No limitations regarding source data for 3d model creation
  • Categorization and corresponding cataloging of the contents displayed in the user interface
  • Display of additional information such as technical specifications
  • Worldwide unique system for precise geoplacement for outdoor applications - no additional hardware required
  • Embedded browser for displaying webshops and other content



With our VR showroom framework, you can make your products an highly immersive experience at any time, at any location. By means of a VR headset, the user can understand and freely examine products three-dimensionally.

Do you want to bring individual products or entire product series into your customers' living rooms simply and easily via download? All you need to do is load our VR-Showroom onto a VR-ready Windows PC. In addition to displaying virtual products, our tool can also be used to visualize prototypes or other 3D data, for example as a substitute for on-site visits. Since it is a completely virtualised solution, scale doesn't matter - from ordinary everyday objects to satellite-based landscape reliefs, the possibilities are almost limitless. In addition to the practically photo-realistic representation, extended functions are also available. If desired, also for parallel users in order to involve sales personnel for direct customer consultation and support.

Key-features of VR-Showroom:

  • Straightforward distribution via download
  • Full immersion through Virtual Reality technology
  • Accurate virtual representation of real existing objects
  • Accurate three-dimensional spacial perception
  • Physically Based Rendering technology for photorealistic display
  • Numerous interaction possibilities with the 3D objects such as material change, color selection, and animation playback
  • No limitations regarding source data for 3d model creation
  • Categorization and corresponding cataloging of the contents displayed in the user interface
  • Display of additional information such as technical specifications


With our VR-ArchViz framework, architectural projects become an unforgettable immersive experience. By using first-class virtual reality headsets, architectural planning-data are brought to life.

Based on existing planning data we create a true to original 3d representation of the building project. The user can move freely in the virtual space and thus obtain a highly immersive impression of the interior and exterior views. Georeferenced lighting and accurate Physically Based Rendering help to further enhance the almost photorealistic impression.
By interactively changing the surface materials or exchanging furniture, the corresponding results can be experienced directly. These elements lead to a binding visual communication and allow the user to be part of the planning activities.

Our VR-ArchViz framework includes ready-made functions and sample furnishings to guarantee a timely project completion. Individual furnishings and extended functions are possible. Echtzeit acts as a full service provider and also supports other parties involved in the project, such as architects, interior and landscape architects.

Experience shows that user acceptance and enthusiasm using the application are very high. In addition to increased planning reliability and process efficiency, the application also offers the opportunity to position yourself as a participant in the advancing digitalization process.

Key-features of VR-ArchViz:

  • Timely project realisation and reliable budget planning
  • Free scalability in regard to production costs and product scope
  • Highly immersive virtual representation for effective visual communication in planning and sales
  • Virtual rooms and outdoor areas are freely accessible
  • Physically Based Rendering for photorealistic representation of materials
  • Interactively exchangeable surface materials and furnishings
  • Free repositioning of furniture
  • Straightforward interaction between client and Echtzeit: project implementation is based on existing construction planning data
  • No limitations regarding source data: 2d planning data, 3d-CAD and many more, all common file formats supported
  • Creation of individual 3d furnishing objects possible
  • Full project support, e.g. consultation regarding the required PC hardware
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration with all involved parties, such as general contractors, architects, landscape and interior designers
  • Supply of 3d data possible
  • Promotional presentation of digitalisation competences


WisardGo - the professional augmented reality visualisation solution for planning and participation.
(Wearable Interactive Solution for Augmented Reality Data and Geolocalized Objects)

Increasingly complex planning and construction processes require new, innovative visualisation solutions for the communication of information. In addition to internal processes such as the planning and development of building projects, communication with authorities and the participation of the population are becoming increasingly important.

Previous, conventional visualisation solutions of such building projects often do not provide a representative display of the effective situation on site and are therefore less suitable as a reliable basis in central decision-making processes.

As a forward-looking method, we have developed the AR app WisardGo to sustainably improve this issue and to offer planners, authorities and the population a representative visualisation solution.

With the help of Augmented Reality technology, the application enables the geo-referenced positioning of any 3D objects in the real world, at the desired position and in exact alignment and size. Using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or AR glasses, the 3D objects can thus be viewed on site, decentralised.

By using various geodata such as terrain and building models as well as specially developed masking functions, real occlusions can be calculated and the 3D models realistically integrated into the environment.

Various interactive functions such as model or material change, fading in and out of models, alternative locations, map integration, animations or the creation of screenshots make the application, adapted to need, use and target group, a reliable planning and decision-making tool.

Key-features of WisardGo:

  • Location-independent usability through mobile devices
  • Georeferenced placement of 3D objects
  • Realistic representation at desired position
  • Exact alignment and size
  • Accurate occlusion through geodata and masking functions
  • Real-time map view
  • Improved interactivity through various additional functions
  • Ideal accessibility of the target group via app platforms
  • Use via GPS satellites, no dependence on mobile network or SIM card

Of course we also offer individual solutions.

Since there are no limits in visual communication using Augmented and Virtual Reality, the possibilities in applications are manifold.

Echtzeit offers comprehensive consulting regarding possible areas of application and technical implementation.
Being close to our customers and efficient internal communication enables us to develop new ideas in a targeted manner and to implement individual projects successfully and timely.

We look forward to discussing exciting ideas with you and are always available for non-binding consultation.

Guiding Philosophy

Echtzeit stands for simple and intuitive access to complex facts and technical systems. By using state-of-the-art technology, we enable our customers to communicate visually and interactively entirely in real time.

We develop products whose goal is to optimize processes and lead to sustainable changes. Our strong desire to explore the unknown and create something new is the driving force.

In the application of our technologies, the human being is always at the center of the design philosophy, both in project conception and implementation. We regard reliability and precision as fundamental tools for a successful implementation.

With their bundled know-how in project planning and management, high-end graphic production for Next-Gen video games and educational supervision in the field of interactive media and programming, the three company founders stand for the interdisciplinary fusion of the required skills.

In order to apply these principles in a targeted manner we work directly and closely with our customers and put the highest demands on quality and cost-effectiveness towards our solutions.

We use current and future technological potential in order to simplify access to an increasingly complex world for people and to strengthen the handling of this environment in real time.


Patrick Möchel
CEO & Art Management
As a passionate video game developer, he contributed to the international number one titles Crysis 2 and Horizon: Zero Dawn. He loves the daily challenge of merging virtual worlds with real ones. Production techniques from Playstation and Xbox are his hobby.

Thomas Ott
The numerous possibilities and challenges of virtual and augmented reality have always fascinated him personally and also as an instructor. He loves to be able to enjoy the fascination of the playful combination of interactive and visual presentation through programming on a daily basis.

Rajan Wegmann
CEO & Customer Relations
Guided by many years of experience in architecture and visualization, he is fascinated by the innovative and forward-looking VR and AR technologies every day anew. His passion is the efficient implementation of complex ideas in sustainable projects; successful and happy customers are his motivation!

Leonard Walzer
Programming is his passion and new technologies his drive. He can't resist exciting work environments - he has been part of the Japanese game development culture in Tokyo, is active in education in Zurich and supports Echtzeit Gmbh in a very valuable way.


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